Our Story

The story of Passion to Lead started with the journey of one woman.

When you meet Loretta Cella, the founder of Passion to Lead (previously Passion Foundation), you can instantly sense that she deeply cares about making a difference in the lives of others. What might not be as obvious is that her passion and commitment comes from a very personal place. Loretta was once just like many of the young women the organization works with and her life story shows that no matter how difficult a personal journey might be, when given the tools to succeed, there are no limits on how far one can go.

In 2007, Loretta put the pieces of her history together—her expansive life experiences, learnings and education and founded Passion Foundation to provide young girls with tools and resources to reach their full potential. By building their confidence, self esteem, communication skills, and ability to think critically about their life and their choices as individuals, Loretta knew that girls would discover who they are and how they can create a strong foundation of success within their lives.

Since then, Loretta has provided hands-on leadership training for girls and young women globally through the Elements of SUCCESS leadership training. Using coaching skills and an abundance of resources gained through her life experiences, training and education, Loretta has helped girls and young women to live life fully and to give back to the world passionately.  

Today, through Passion to Lead's initiatives, Loretta, with an incredible volunteer team, have made a difference in the lives of more than 5,000 youth in 10 countries.

“I could have easily given up along the way,” Loretta says, “but thanks to the people who championed me and my dreams, I can now do the same for so many youth in the world who, in turn, will go out and do the same for their peers.”

In 2015, the Board of Directors had a vision to expand the charity’s reach and move to provide gender-neutral programming with community partners. As a result, Passion to Lead began providing gender-neutral programming in 2016. 

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