If you’ve been following us for a while you’ve read Jade’s story before but you haven’t seen this!

Jade has becoming an active member of our team and is now leading the way for Healing Hamsa. With a press release soon to come out Jade provided us with her bio and WOW! We were blown away by her ability to write and make sense of her story. Now she’s on a mission and thought we’d share it with you!


Healing Hamsa’s lead jeweler, Jade P.


“Hi, my name is Jade Pollard. I often go by the name Jayden, however, feel free to call me whichever one is easier for you. I am 24 years old and currently live in Vancouver BC.

I grew up on the Haida Nation reservation from the ages of 2 until I was 13. My mother is Italian/French and my father is Native. The band that I come from is Haida.

In my short years I’ve endured countless traumatic events. A wide range such as: sexual abuse, neglect, physical, mental and emotional abuse, violence towards others and violence inflicted by me, bullying and much more.

As I was living that path I became a severe alcoholic and addict. My behaviours and actions were based solely on my traumatic experiences. I had not learnt a postive way of copping.

This hell I lived in lead me to a 7 year incarnation from the age of 16 to 23. In those years I came to realize that the pain I was holding was something I didn’t have to hold on to any longer. I met Loretta during my stay at the juvi detention Centre and for that I am thankful. Loretta help me see the world on a new light. One thing that really showed me that I can be better and do better was she never have up on me. That is what I needed.

Upon my release into the community, after some obstacles I had to over come I was presented with the opportunity to be apart of Healing Hamsa. I’ve always wanted to make a difference, especially in the area of pass trauma, pain, and life struggles so I jumped on board with no hesitation. I get to craft, which calms me and make others happy, which helps keep my own demons at bay.

As of today my life is not perfect but it’s a life where I am moving forward instead of staying stuck or heading back words.  I’m constantly evolving and making changes to make my self a better person. Sometimes I don’t follow through but I don’t stay focused on that. Yes, I take steps back words but I will always take one more steps forward to get back to where I was if not better.

I want to use my life struggles and life lessons to help other young woman and Healing Hamsa is a start in that direction for me. For that I am thankful.

Investing today in the great leaders of tomorrow.
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