Global Sorority

Global Sorority is a movement to transform the negative connotations about sororities into positive ones by connecting young women regardless of socioeconomic or educational background and creating a shift in leadership development and sisterhood.

Global Sorority’s mission is to create awareness around gender equality, provide young women with sustainable leadership education, and facilitate a global sisterhood that mobilizes change, inspires action and creates economic opportunity.

Its work brings together girls from around the world, giving them a voice and and supporting them in realizing their full potential. Fostering a sense of community through local and global chapters, we have a dream of building an online media platform that will serve as an international foundation of support, education and empowerment.

Our first and current project is the Global Sorority Documentary Series, a documentary and media initiative that will share the stories of girls and women around the world. Please visit our film page here

Investing today in the great leaders of tomorrow.
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