What are we all about?

Passion to Lead is V 2.0 of an organization formerly known as Passion Foundation. Since 2007 the organization has provided innovative leadership education and resources to youth 11- 24 years of age globally in partnership with other organizations.

What services has the organizational provided to date?

To date we have provided over 5000 youth in 10 countries with the Elements of SUCCESS leadership course and other leadership and life skills workshops customized for various community groups, schools, and institutions.  In addition to leadership workshops in 2012 we set out to create an educational documentary series called Global Sorority

Our focus, has and always will be, on development strong, healthy and proactive young leaders. As we work with our community partners we will continue to assess the needs of youth and their communities to ensure the best possible resources.

Why should you become part of the Passion to Lead?

Passion to Lead offers innovative programming that has life long results. We ensure that the services we offer youth and their communities are ones that will shift the way youth see themselves and their potential in the world. Being a part of the Passion to Lead community means you are participating in a life changing opportunity for youth while shaping our world’s present and future.

Investing today in the great leaders of tomorrow.
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